The ultimate guide to fucking up life.

As the title says this is my life and its probably everything you shouldn't do with your life.

So my life over the last year.

So this is my first post and what better to write about than the events of the last year.

What can i say its been the best and worst year of my life in so many ways. 

To kick it off i received a scholarship from the University of Birmingham to study Computer Science. This was the best news i had probably received my entire life. I left the uni was at and moved as soon as i could.

This was swiftly followed by the beautiful lady who you can see below:

That’s Phoebe she is my significantly better other and the driving force behind my life even if i dont tell her enough.

We sorta fell into each others lives in a shower of spilt paint, shooting stars and kittens (she understands what i mean). 

So life was good, I was at a uni I actually liked and I was enjoying it, to top it all off I had a beautiful women backing me all the way. Obviously I had to go fuck it all up. I started drinking more than I probably should have done. The upshot of this was through my own actions I fucked up everything with Phe and started to neglect certain aspects of my academic studies. 

I still have nightmares about how I hurt her but everyone has a cross to bear I guess. I suppose the reason I’m writing this is to get things off my chest a bit.

Any way its not all doom and gloom. Little did I know Phe is as stubborn if not more so than myself and she refused to give up on us (unlike myself). So we gave things another shot and I don’t think we have ever been closer.

I got my head around uni again and carried on plugging away however I was growing unhappier with every passing week. There were two reasons for this the first was my entire friendship group imploded in on itself. The result of this was constant bitching, sniping and worse which started making life fairly unpleasant for everyone involved. My attitude to this was shit happens get on with life. 

The next thing to impact me was my semester 2 modules. I am very good at programming in multiple languages using multiple api’s and different paradigms. Im not being big-headed I’m being honest. This was great in the first semester where we did an awful lot of programming. However it became very clear that the longer i stayed at Birmingham the less programming I would be doing as the school was moving more and more towards theoretical subjects such as certain aspects of AI, natural language processing and logic. Now I’m not an academic and as such I had real problems with AI and language and logic.

These events together meant I was having a fairly miserable time at uni. This however was rectified in possibly the most unlikely way. The Army.

Anyone who knows me know I have had an obsession with the army since I was very young and I always wanted to join. This could probably be blamed on my step dad who is an ex para.

When I was 17 I applied for the army straight after school. I was found unsuitable almost immediately because of what has subsequently turned out to be a misdiagnosis on my medical record. At the time I was effectively told I couldn’t appeal or apply again.

So whilst I was having a fairly shite time at uni my mum had been talking to an SNCO in British Army Recruitment. I had no idea.

This SNCO (who is now my recruitment officer) did some checks and subsequently found as long as I could prove my rejection was due to misdiagnosis I could reapply.

My mum foned me at the beginning of a week mid second semester to let me know. This for me was the tipping point. I literally dropped straight out of uni and moved back home the following weekend. Some people say I have made a massive mistake and I can see exactly where they are coming from. In my eyes you have to take risks in life and this is mine. I saw no point spending another two years studying something that i really wasn’t enjoying only to then join the army and not even use those qualifications. It seemed like another pointless delay to a military career.

I applied for the army about 7 months ago now I passed the initial medical check that I originally failed. Passed all 3 interviews and army selection. 

Below is the obligatory Army selection photo:

That’s me far left. I was with these guys at ATR Pirbright for 2 days. It was fairly hard work but an awesome laugh and I met loads of quality lads. Not everybody passed but Im sure that the ones that didnt will be back to give it another shot.

So technically I have been medically deferred from selection pending medical assessment from a psychologist at ITC Cattterick. This to confirm the that my original rejection was due to a misdiagnosis and that I am not a nutter. I was allowed to complete selection and have all of my grades logged these will now be held until I hopefully get given the go ahead at the end of next month.

From what I have been told by the army doctor and the officer at my final interview this should just be a rubber stamp job.

So I guess that’s me, life seems to be back on track as long as I get the go ahead. 2012 will be difficult in terms of missing Phe, family and friends whilst at basic training but it should be a productive year and the chance I need to set my life up.

Hopefully ill be able to use tumblr to log the events in my life.

Merry Xmas everybody i hope you’ve all had an awesome year.

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